Insolvency Law

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A (looming) bankruptcy can have disastrous consequences for the parties involved. However, adequate legal assistance can ease the pain considerably. In such an event it is essential to take proper legal action as soon as possible.

Our office has years of practical experience in dealing with all contract parties involved in a bankruptcy. We are also experts in realising the re-launch of your corporation after a bankruptcy in a clear and if need be, creative way. Furthermore, our Insolvency Law specialists act as administrators and trustees for large moratoriums and bankruptcies. This gives them in-depth knowledge and extensive experience regarding (looming) bankruptcies, restructuring and financing.

Corporate Law

Assisting corporations during mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, management buy-ins and buy-outs and (financial) restructuring.

Intellectual Property Law

Advising and conducting legal procedures regarding the protection of products and/or services and infringement issues.

Insolvency Law

Assisting all contract parties in respect of (looming) bankruptcies and acting as administrator and trustee in moratoriums and bankruptcies.